Six Tips to be a Smarter Video Poker Player – Part 1 – with Gambling Author Henry Tamburin

Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you are smarter gambler my name is Steve Bourie and I’m the author of the American casino guide, the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with over one thousand dollars in casino coupons. if you want to know more about our book be sure to visit our website at and if you have a smartphone or tablet be sure to download our free app just go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for American casino guide. This video is part one of a two-part series where Henry Tamburin who is the author of six books on casino gambling discusses six tips to become a smarter video poker player.

first tip is you gotta discipline yourself to play only full pay video poker games. You have to understand that if you take say a specific video poker game like Jacks or Better you go into a casino and you might find different pay tables for a Jacks or Better video poker machine and it’s up to you, it’s your responsibility to go up to that video poker machine and try and select the one that pays the highest return for that jacks or better game. And video poker players use this nomenclature like 9/6 Jacks or Better which signifies that that is the highest paying Jacks or Better game. The 9/6 refers to the per-coin payoff for a full house or a flush so when you walk up to a video poker machine you can simply look at the pay schedule and look down the first column at one coin just for reference, you’re not gonna play one coin but your gonna look down at first column and look to see what the payoff is for a full house and a flush and you wanna see nine and a six that is a full pay video poker jacks or better game. That game is going to return 99.5 percent theoretical return You can go to a casino in find Jacks or Better that pay 8/5 or 7/5 and heaven forbid 6/5 every time that pay schedule goes down for the flush and the full house you’re gonna drop your theoretical return so it makes no sense to go to a casino and play a short pay, say 7/5 or 8/5 Jacks or Better when that casino could have a 9/6 full pay game. Now how do you locate, how do you know whether your local casino has a full pay video poker game? More info here:

My suggestion is go to this website and I’ll give you the name it’s VPfree2, you gotta type the number two dot com, so that’s VPfree number two dot com. This site has a database maintained by video poker pros and expert players of all of the full pay video poker games that you’ll find in casinos throughout the US. You can for example look up which casinos in a certain area where you live or where you’re going to visit a specific casino what casinos in that area have 9/6 Jacks or Better so you can find that information very readily if you’re coming to Las Vegas you can also look on the site and they also have a video poker page that lists all the full pay games that are available in each casino in the las vegas-area. Tip number two to be a smarter video poker player is you’ve got to learn the playing strategies and you’ve got to play max coins. I mention for example 9/6 jacks or better has a theoretical return of 99.54 percent but you can only achieve that return if you play every hand perfectly and if you play max coins and usually max coins is five coins.

The reason you have to play max coin is that if you look at the payouts the payout screen for a 9/6 jacks or better every payout increases proportionally when you increase your betting from one coin to five except for the Royal Flush when you bet up to five coins you get a bonus payout and that bonus payout will help you achieve the 99.54 percent return, the bottom line is if you only play one or two or three coins you’re not going to get 99.5 percent you’re going to get less You gotta play max coins when you’re playing video poker to get that high return. The second thing is you have to learn the playing strategy for that particular game If you’re playing jacks or better you gotta learn the playing strategy for jacks or better, if you wanna play double bonus you gotta learn the strategy for that game and so on. The easiest way to learn the strategy and there are several ways you can you can get the strategy in the book on video poker you can get in on different internet sites for example has video poker strategies or what I suggest is you get yourself a video poker training software. These training software you purchase them they’re not expensive, they’re generally about fifty dollars pop ’em into your computer at home and you play video poker you can play any video poker game while you’re playing, the computer is going to alert you when you make a playing mistake and it’s also going to show you what the correct play is and it’s going to keep your playing accuracy so you can have fun playing video poker at home at the same time learning the correct playing strategies and you want to continue to practice until you get your playing strategy at least ninety-nine percent you might think that’s impossible trust me it’s feasible if you practice at home because if you make mistakes at home you’re going to make mistakes in the casino and its gonna cost you money so practice makes perfect.

Tip number three deals with bankroll, you know how to find a full pay game you’ve practiced your playing strategies the third important thing is you’ve gotta have a sufficient bankroll to play video poker. Why? Because by the nature of the game of video poker it is a volatile game, meaning your bankroll is gonna go up and down from while you play and from session to session You’re never gonna win every time you play and certainly you can experience losing streaks but the whole point is that a Royal Flush occurs once every forty thousand hands on average but you never know when you’re gonna hit that royal flush, it could come tomorrow it could come the next day you might hit two in one session or it might take your year, that’s the volatility involved in video poker. So you have to have sufficient bankroll to take you through those losing streaks and I’m gonna give you a prime example of what happened to me to show you an example of the volatility In 2013 playing 9/6 jacks or better full pay I only hit three royal flushes the entire year and I averaged about 250,000 hands of video poker and if you look at statistically if i’m suppose to get one every 40,000 on average I should have gotten at least six royal flushes during the year Now remember that’s an average, sometimes I’ll get less sometimes I’ll get more Well you see in 2013 I got less than what probability predicts, so I needed the extra bankroll to get me through the year.

In 2014, recently I had 11 royal flushes in 18 consecutive playing sessions, that’s a prime example of the fluctuations and the volatility of video poker. One year I hit three the entire year the second year I hit 11 in two months and for the year 2014 I ended up with a 18 so one year I hit three, one year I hit 18, I played the same number of hands on the same game but you can see from that example the volatility of video poker which is why it’s important that you need to have a bankroll. How much bankroll do you need? It really depends on the game and if you get the video poker software I mentioned earlier the software has a bankroll function where you can put in whatever game you’re gonna play whatever denomination you can afford and it will calculate how much bankroll you need so that you won’t go broke.

I mean that’s the worst case scenario and that’s what you wanna prevent when you play video poker is to go broke so a rough rule of thumb is you really need about three to four times the amount of the Royal So if it’s a thousand coin royal flush you really should have about a three or four thousand dollar bankroll Take this money and put it in a money market open up a money market at your bank or your mutual fund put that money in it call it a 401 G this is the money you use to play video poker. When you go to the casinos take out some of this money, play video poker whatever is left you put it back in. That money that’s in your account is gonna go up, it’s gonna go down it’s going to fluctuate but over time if you continue to play skillfully with the tips I’m sharing with you you’ll see that it’ll grow, it’ll grow over time. If you want to learn more about me and some of the information that I have on my website you can either go to smart gaming dot com which I was articles on all different casino games that I’ve written or you can go to and that site has the blackjack Insider newsletter which I edit and there you’ll find information on blackjack.

How to bet on Over/Under 2.5 Goals

In this video I will explain how can we take advantage of the information my team puts every week on my website about the matches of the main soccer leagues. Later I’ll do videos for each statistical aspect of the page. In this video I’ll focus on the +-2,5 goals market. This is a market that I particularly like, it’s one of my favorites markets for trading but manly for simple betting. Chelsea vs Wolves This is a risky but value bet.

Notice that Chelsea scores many goals at home, the average is clearly above 2,5 goals and that makes the Under 2,5 goals odd rise. However if we see it statistically, only half the games that Chelsea played at home ended with more than 2,5 goals. Now of course that the recently 6-0 stills fresh in memory and that’s why we have the high odd of 3.10 for the Under 2,5 goals market. If we add the fact that only half of the games that Wolves played away ended with +2,5 goals, it seems to me that the fair odd should be closer to 2.00 than to 3.00, above 2.00 and below 2.50. For that reason if they offer me 3.10 I’ll accept, this is a value bet to me, ok? Risky but valuable.

This a game with everything to have more than 2,5 goals: Getafe vs Sporting Gijon. Look, 67% of the Getafe home matches ended with +2,5 goals, 67% of the Gijon away matches ended with +2,5 goals. Manly because Getafe plays a nice football, offensive, and specially at the Coliseum it’s likely to have a lot of goals.

I would be happy if the odd was above 1.80 for the Over 2,5 goals. They offer me a 2.18 odd, I don’t think twice, it’s a very good odd. This is a good game to exemplify what we can do with the +-2,5 goals market with the information of my site. Look, statistics are saying that half of the Liverpool home matches ended with +2,5goals, simultaneously half of the Blackburn away matches ended also with more than 2,5 goals.

This information by itself should lead to a odd of 2.00, a fair odd corresponding to a 50% probability to have more or less than 2,5 goals. However I thing that if we add the fact that Liverpool, in my opinion will attack from the beginning because he wants to win the game to, imagine, get out of the relegation zone, the fair odd will be bellow 2.00 in my opinion. That’s why if they offer us more than 2, it’s at 2.14, we will buy. Stoke City vs Manchester United As you can see, statistically half of the Stoke City home games ended with more than 2,5 goals. On Man.

United case, 75% of the Man. United away games ended with more than 2,5 goals. Meaning that based on pure statistically analysis, the odd should be way below 2.00 for the +-2,5 goals market. They offer us 2.04, we should accept it, moreover because it’s Manchester United who’s playing. Let’s place bets To prove that I’m absolutely convinced of what I’m saying, I’ll place bets with my money on the different bookmakers. Ok, than 3.10 it’s a value… Norton is giving us a message, thank you Norton.

3.10 it’s a value… I take this opportunity to say that: when I’m working I disable the antivirus so that the internet speed can be the maximum possible. By now I should had enable it again but well, I’m just ending the video and I’ll turn it back on. 3.10 is the value available on Bet365 for betting Under 2,5 goals.

I accept. Therefore, to make this bet you only need to click on Bet365 button here on our website. Login. If you are not yet registered on Bet365, from our website you have access to the maximum welcome bonus, which is 100 euro, very tempting. So, football. On Bet365 we can come here at European Leagues Elite where we get easy access to the main games.

So we’re looking to this one, Chelsea vs Wolverhampton, and here it is the bet we’re looking for: Under 2,5 goals at 3.10. I accept. I don’t think that they will have that they will have plenty of money available for this odd.

How much can I bet… can I bet 3000 euro and win 6300 euro? No… they don’t have that much money available. What is the maximum bet then? 57 euro… Ok, it’s good. It’s better than nothing. I accept.

That’s it. It’s done our bet and if it happens what I predict, it’s 120 euro profit. About Getafe and Sporting, the time passed when we’re doing this video and the odd fell. At this time it’s no longer at 2.18, it’s at 2.11. The fact that the odd came down proves that the reasoning I made was right, the odd was effectively high.

And as a consequence there was a lot of people accepting this odd. And the bookmaker was forced to lower the odd value to avoid losing money. However as I said, to me in this game any odd above 1.80 is a value bet for Over 2,5 goals.

That’s why I’ll accept this 2.11 odd, because it still seems to me a value bet. Therefore what I have to do is to press the 188Bet button on my website and, if you are not registered yet you’ll get a welcome message, as I’m already registered I’ll press down here directly the 188Bet link to jump to the betting area. Then we chose here Spain, 1st division. Meanwhile login… Here we are. Chose the match Getafe vs Gijon.

Up here we have more bets and the bet we’re looking for. Here they are. Now go down.

Here on Over 2,5 goals. Here it is 2.11, we accept. We put the values: I’ll place 500 euro. Accept.

Bet now. It’s done. Ok. Well, we had found a value bet on Liverpool vs Blackburn: 2.14 on Canbet, right? So to accept it you can simply press Canbet button through our website and you will enter directly in Canbet. It’s only left to login and find our bet. We look for English league, 1st league and our game.

Here it is: Liverpool on Sunday. Here it is: Liverpool. The odd we’re looking for is Over 2,5 goals and we found it: 2.14.

I accept. Let’s place 500 euro. Ok. We will win 570 euro, seems good.

Accept. Ok, bet confirmed. Stoke City vs Manchester United We had found here a value bet, of 2.40 on Canbet. Therefore to accept the bet, just press the Canbet link from our website. Login. And chose our bet.

Ok, now we select England, 1st division of England. And then we came here at Sunday games, Manchester United vs Stoke. Here it is Over 2,5 goals at 2.04, the odd we were looking for.

500 euro right, the usual, it gives 520 euro profit, seems good to me. Ok, I accept. It’s done.

Canada Online Casino

To me, roulette is like the quintessential Canadian casino online game. Players can bet on all kinds of things: whether the number the roulette ball lands on will be single or double, odd or even, black or white, or even fall within set ranges of numbers.I like to live on the wild side and bet on single numbers, which gives me the lowest chance of winning but the highest possible payout at 35 to 1. Jack over there is predictable as pie. He always places his chips on one of three groups of 12 numbers or one of two columns of numbers, which all have payouts of 2 to 1. And Taylor is always anxiously sweating like a mule. Hence why she only bets on whether the number is even or odd, black or white, or falls within one of two groups of 18 numbers. Her bets have the highest odds, but the lowest payout at only 1 to 1. You can also split your bet on 2 to 6 numbers of your choice. A split gets you a potential payout of 17 to 1, a three-line, 11 to 1, a corner bet, 8 to 1 and a 6-line bet gets you 5 to 1.
You can place as many bets as you want. If you’re a gamble-happy moose like me, this is both dangerous and amazing news. Let’s say you think the next winning number will be red and in the second group of 12 numbers, but you also wanna bet your lucky numbers 1,2 and 3. You could put 50 bucks on the second dozen, two $10 chips on red and one $10 chip on the 1,2,3 line, totaling an 80-dollar bet. I see you rollin!
Once you’ve placed your bets, hit the spin button. The ball spins and stops at 19 red. You lose your line bet, but win $190 on your bets that the number is red and of the second group of 12.

More information here:

Cash in Bingo Games

The whole idea here is to find a solid e wallet service because these are the standard way to pay for bingo games and they are also where the prize moneys are deposited when a player wins a game of bingo. This is the foundation of the transaction between gamer and site and is the core of the commerce involved in bingo as a type of entertainment on the web. After this part is taken care of then it is time to get involved in the game of choice and really start having some fun. It is definitely a good time to start out with games that are easiest for the player, but most commonly it will be 90 ball bingo that is the primary style of bingo offered on the web these days. There are all sorts of different game styles out there and since there are now many different types of sites, players will need to select which size room they want to play in, what level of cards they want to purchase and whether or not they will let the software help them out as they play. Bringing together all of the skill sets needed to become a very good bingo player will take time, but it is not difficult to get good with a little effort.

The fact that bingo was already wildly popular in the UK through the bingo halls and other land based venues definitely added fuel to the fire, but the real crux came down to the fact that there could be excellent chances for players to really grab some social times while they played. The fact that they could play any time of day or night added to the allure and it would not be long before the bingo rooms on web sites across the world would be filled with eager gamers who all wanted to get together for a good time that could not be had any other way. Today, the industry is massive and now even brands with movies and music products to create an amazing experience for audiences all over the planet.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Poker Odds

The most common and basic concept for winning at poker is to play conservatively (tight) and to play according to odds. In this article we will discuss:

What are hand odds and how to calculate them?
What are pot odds and how to calculate them?
What are hand odds and how to calculate them?

Hand odds are the probability of making a hand. To calculate hand odds, you need to know how many outs your hand has. Outs are the number of cards in the deck that will improve your hand.

Example: If you hold two hearts and there are two hearts on the flop, then you have 9 outs to complete your flush as there are 9 hearts remaining in the deck.

To get your hand odds, multiply the number of outs you have by 4 to get the percentage of hitting that hand for the flop. Multiply by 2 to get the percentage of hitting the hand from the turn. To calculate hand odds use the following equation:

Hand odds = (100/Percentage) – 1

To demonstrate, let’s look at the following example:

Example: If you have two hearts and there are two hearts on the flop, then you have 9 outs to complete your flush and:

Percentage of making the flush = 4*9 = 36%

In other words, there is a 36% probability that you could complete your flush, or your hand odds are approximately 2:1

Hand odds: 100/36 – 1 = 1.8

Stated differently, if you play similar hands repeatedly, you will make the draw once every 3 hands. Note that, hand odds indicate odds for making the hand, not odds of winning. That requires an understanding of the poker odds.

What are poker odds and how to calculate them?

Pot odds are simply the ratio of how much money is in the pot to the amount that you need to call. Pot odds are important as they show how many times one should win to break even under the same conditions. Here is an example:

Example: If $100 is in the pot and you need $20 to call, your pot odds are 100:20 or 5:1, i.e. you need to win once every 6 hands to break even under identical conditions. You may look at it like this: if you play 6 hands, it will cost you 6*$20=$120, if you win once, you’ll win $120 (= $100 + $20 your call).

Here is how we can use pot odds and hand odds:

If your pot odds > hands odds, then you are making money

Example: Suppose you have a flush draw that has 2:1 hand odds. If there is $20 in the pot and you need to call $5, then your pot odds are 4:1. Since pot odds are greater than your hand odds, you should call – you will make a nice profit.

Try to remember your outs and odds. Knowing your pot odds and hand odds can keep you out of trouble.

Read Online Casino Reviews Before Playing

There are number of online casinos on the internet today, so it has become vital to find out, which casinos are safe and can be trusted to play. Selecting a reliable online casino is not as difficult as it looks. Today, there are several online casino review sites available which try to allure their guests using all kinds of methods, graphics and sign up bonuses. But this has made it hard to discriminate honest and dishonest sites. Different online casino reviewers give their individual assessments. If you are looking for reliable online casino sites, just make sure that you’ll thoroughly investigate a potential online casino before opening a new member account.

On line casino review provides a complete gambling guide and resource center for internet casino gamblers, where they have the opportunity to learn the conditions of online gambling. Online Casino review informs you about different games you can play in each online casino. The games may vary from Baccarat, Blackjack, Keno, Poker, Slots and many more.

These are the few basic things which you should keep in mind when you are trying to find the right online casino. The first important thing, while reading a review, you should always notice is Bonuses and Promotions. Usually, these bonuses would match a certain percent of your first deposit. Re- deposit bonuses are also quiet popular. Bonuses might be created purposely for particular games and days. You are supposed to deposit some precise amount, once a month.

Progressive Jackpot is one of the most tempting category of bonus. It starts out at a particular level, but if nobody meets the requirements, to win the jackpot, as each day passes, the supplementary amount is added to it. Until and unless somebody wins the jackpot, the process continues to move forward this way. Promotions are no different from bonuses. These are time based and generally offer exciting prizes. After reading a few online casino reviews, you will realize that most of the casinos use same handful casino software programs; Micro gaming, Realtime Gaming and Playtech. Each software brand has its personal positive points and negative points.

You should be familiar with the reviewer, only then, you can acknowledge the praise or criticism, given to particular online casino software given by online casino reviewer. The review informs you, about the speed and smoothness of the game play, consistency of the software, selection of automated features etc. Here, you can also discover how players are represented in the game (text, icon, flags, avatars), and the quality of the graphics and sound.

So, it is the role responsibility, of the online casino reviewer, to provide valid information to the player. With the help of online casino review you will find out the promptness, trustworthiness and security of payouts.

How To Choose the Best Online Casino for Successful Gambling

Millions of players are regularly betting at the countless online casinos. Why is it imperative that you play only at the best online casino?

This industry is today a mammoth one, raking in billions of dollars. There are any number of casinos to choose from. The casinos take in millions in profits. It is natural for scamsters also to enter the scene. However, these people have no intentions to payout the winnings honestly. They want the winners to lose. Why should you lose your savings to them?

Therefore, it is very important that you choose the best casinos and bet only with them. We give below some reasons for choosing the best casinos.

Online games are played with the help of software programs. These programs are written by programmers. A player can legitimately suspect that casinos can compromise the programmers to write software that will only make the casinos win. Casinos are aware of this concern of the players. So, the best ones get their software validated by well-known third parties. Rogue casinos also may get their software validated; but these are often by unknowns.

Customer support is very crucial. Suppose you have a problem and you contact customer support. If there is no response or if there is a long delay in response, it is so vexing. The best casinos value their players. Some of them even post their customer support personnel at online chat rooms for fast and prompt response to the players while playing.

Payout Percentage is a figure indicating what proportion of the total received from players is paid out as winnings. All casinos invariably publish their payout figures. But this need not always be true. It is important that the payout figures are verified by an independent third party. The best casinos get their accounts audited to gain the trust of the players.

A very important factor to be verified is the track record of the casino in paying when you win. Suppose you win and claim your prize. The casino refuses to pay saying you do not meet certain withdrawal terms and conditions. This is not in the player’s agreement too. If you dispute their stand, they start ignoring you. Net result is that you are not able to withdraw your winnings. This is a standard tactic of rogue casinos. But, you can escape this scenario if you play with the best casino.

These few conditions mentioned above will certainly help you to avoid unpleasant experiences. Online casinos are to provide fun and entertainment.

Find The Biggest Online Casino Bonuses

Bonus as the term itself means extra, is used by the online casino owners to attract more customers and as a way to fight the growing competition. There are number of online casinos which offer almost the same games, so they need to do something different in order to have more customers than the others. Paying bonus is the most common way of getting more customers and holding back on the already existing customers.

Different casinos have different bonuses to offer and try to provide their customers with the best deal. Generally the online casinos offer free cash or no deposit bonus, Match bonus and the ongoing bonus which include bonus on renewing membership and bonus for using a preferred deposit system.

Under the No deposit bonus, the customers can win small bonuses without actually depositing anything. The newcomers to the online casino can try out this option and can get the time to decide, which casino to stay with. Though the bonuses here are very small but the best thing is that no commitments are demanded from the customers. Here the customer has a variety with the online casinos and can have advantage of choosing from different bonuses in different online casinos. Its simple, no deposits, still you can earn bonus. The other kind of bonus, Match bonus is another kind of a bonus in the casino where one can place free bets up to the value of the bonus. Here the chances of winning the real money are more and playing for this kind of bonuses. While playing for such bonuses be careful about the wagering requirements, and one has all the chances to win real money for free bet.

The other general bonuses in the online casinos are the Ongoing bonuses, which are also known as Loyalty bonuses. These are given to customers as a result of staying with the casino for long. Then the casinos also offer number of re deposits in order to retain their customers. To attract the customers the casinos keep on coming with the different kinds of bonuses. They add some unique bonus to gain customers attention; this may be for the people who bid the least. These unique bonuses help the casinos to gain more customers and thus become more popular. Online casinos also offer bonuses known as Deposit mechanism. This is paid when the payment is done through the preferred payment system. The other, Special event bonuses are where the casinos pay unique or special bonuses just to maintain the charm and to attract more people.

The different online casinos have different bonuses in order to make them more specific and attractive. Through these bonuses the casinos attract a huge number of customers but even benefit the customers too, as they can earn a fortune through these bonuses. The growing online casino competition has made these casinos owners to add more and innovative strategies in order to earn customers. The customers can choose among the huge number of online casinos and then depending upon their bonuses can go further. Such online casinos try build up their images and are beneficial to the clients too.

Do You Know Everything About Poker Tournaments?

Poker is amongst the most played and popular game in any casino, this game requires a bit of skills and application of strategies. One can really make fortune out of this game if played carefully. No doubt luck matters a lot but for this particular game it’s not only luck that matters, even one’s wits and experience are equally required.

With poker growing popular in the casinos the poker tournaments have equally grown popular. The main games in these tournaments are Seven Card Stud, Seven Card High-Low, community Poker and many more. These tournaments have gain popularity over a period of time and attract many people for the game. Such poker tournaments can be of different types, one of the kinds is shootout tournaments where when the players get eliminated the tables are still held back till the time one player doesn’t win the tournament.

The other kind of tournament is where the players are given equal chips and the winner is the person who manages to get all the chips at the end of the game, here the tables are eliminated and just one table remains at the end. One can only get the chips back if he has entered the Rebuy tournament which means one has to pay the extra money and can buy more chips.

For these poker tournaments the prize money is arranged out of the entry fees collected. When you enter in any Poker tournament a fee is paid which allows you to get chips in order to start your game. However, if you want to buy more chips and then such can be done only in the Rebuy tournaments. There are many companies or agencies that sponsor such tournaments as this gets their brand name noticed and earns that extra mileage for the business. During these poker tournaments the betting is quite common and there are various kinds of betting’s which one can choose from. There is a structured bet where the bets are of only of a particular amount. The other kinds are semi structured and unstructured betting. In the semi structured betting the bet can vary to some extent however, in unstructured bets there is no fixed limit to the bet and it’s up to the players to decide the limit.

The winners for these poker tournaments are decided by either fixed wining or proportional winning. In fixed winning the organization holding such tournaments decide the winner and in proportional winning the winner is calculated proportionally.

The growing popularity of the game has made these tournaments quite popular and these tournaments help people to earn a fortune for themselves. Such tournaments are all filled with fun, excitement, thrill and joy. You can earn while you enjoy yourself. Remember not to get disheartened on the loss rather enjoy your time out. It’s all about accepting both the sides of a similar coin and then adjusting accordingly.

Little-Known Methods to Find Trustworthy Online Casinos

Getting a trustworthy option to enjoy casinos over the web is not an easy task. There are different internet based casinos that will be able to provide professional and useful services to the users. The confusion will arise when scrutinizing the best website to deal for gambling. If you are willing to play casino games over the web for a long period of time then you should look for a website that has good reputation in the marketplace. If you are willing to experience the world of online gambling as a beginner, then you should learn to identify a reputable website to deal. You will have to consider some factors before you play online.

It is true that a trustworthy website will have license that is issued for the business of gambling over the internet. Most of the websites that are involved in scams will not have a license. They may have a license that is not valid. Therefore, you should recheck the validity of the license before dealing. Usually, the details of the license are displayed over the online casino website. Therefore, it is not difficult to gather this useful information.

Most of the games over the internet based casinos can be played with the help of software. It is better to make sure the quality of the software before you plan to gamble. The information about the software of an online casino can be easily available on their website. You should ensure that the software is reliable. It is better to ensure that the software will not having any features that can cheat you during the game or transactions.

It would be advisable for you to subscribe with an online casino that will provide proper support to their customers. Usually, customer service department of online website will provide services for stipulated time. You should look for a website that will help you to get 24/7 customer support services. It is true that websites will offer customer support with online chat. However, some websites will also offer telephonic customer support. You can look for a website that will help you to get an email based customer support feature. For international gambler, website must have the option to have a toll free number for telephonic conversation. If you want to check the quality of customer services that is provided by a particular website then just send them an email. If the website has a strong customer support features then that email will be responded in prompt manner.

Visit Casinos as a Pro

Gambling has been a favorite leisure time activity, not only for men but also for women, since the ancient times. Earlier, we had only land based casinos offering betting opportunities to its players. But today, online casinos have opened new horizons for the players living far away from the major casino cities.

The ultimate goal of any casino, be it land based or online, is to make profit. They are about pure business and huge money is involved with them. They offer games with unlimited fun and action, requiring a combination of luck and some strategy. These casino games not only provide opportunities for the casino owners to earn money, but also for the players. The very reason behind the increasing popularity of gambling games is the prospects of winning more money for everyone. That’s the reason why, everyday, millions of people visit casinos and try their luck.

Most of the land based and online casinos offer fair chances for players to win the jackpot. But even then it is always advantageous for players to be aware of few secrets of winning at casinos. These secrets would give them a better chance at beating the casinos in their own game.

To outshine other competitors in gambling few things need to be taken care off. Choose a game sensibly! Best is to choose a game where you have an edge over your competitors or the house edge is very low. Some people decide their bets on the basis of a tip, favorite color and lucky number etc.

But it is always advisable not to indulge in such things much, as the gambling games demand a balanced mix of luck and strategies. Also, a player should always gamble with the money he can afford to lose. Spending all your money with the hope of winning a bigger amount can make you end up loosing all your money. Therefore, always bet your money carefully and wisely.

Casino games are commonly misinterpreted as games of fortune. This leads people to start betting their money blindly. Before entering any casino, a player should always decide on how much time he is going to spend in the casino and how much money is he in a position to spend. Though pre planning is a little difficult and approximate, but will help you to have a profitable win. All you need to do is carefully divide your time in the casino on different games and spend accordingly.

If playing strategically, it can be very helpful to let you win and then, use your winnings to play further, rather than increasing the bet. Once you have considerably won an amount of money, only then should you increase your bet.

Once you enter the casino with basic knowledge about the games, you would have the better chance to come out as a winner.

Development of Online Casinos

Gambling is a great source of entertainment. Casinos have earned great popularity and have many customers. In the past visiting the casino was a part of social status and was one criterion for checking the person’s status. Now with time visiting a casino has become fashion and people often visit the casinos for fun excitement and of course money. These casinos offer a great time to people and a chance to earn great fortune too.

Casinos started as early as in 70’s and 80’s; at that time Las Vegas was the most prominent one to have them. This was one city which had maximum number of casinos and attracted many customers. Casinos since their origins have seen many changes and have come across many revolutions but the major change is that of Internet Revolution. Such online casinos cater best to the needs of those people who do not want to visit the casinos and want to play in the privacy of their homes. Such online casinos have grown extremely popular and in no can the land based casinos compete with them in on the money part. The reviews reveal that the online revenues have increased from $445.4 million in 1997 to $919.1 million; this is indeed a great amount. These online casinos have all the main games which can be seen in any casino and has much more in order to attract more customers and to make the earlier stay back for long.

In general there are three ways to go for these online casinos , one way involves the player to download a free software of a particular casino and then can go ahead and have real fun. Once the software is downloaded it shows two options, one is play for fun and the other one is play for real money. With the first option the player can go ahead and play without risking any money and can enjoy himself, however, with the second option one can play actually for real money and can earn money online. These online casinos offer different modes of payment and the other options to play online include use of JAVA and some online casinos do use HTML where the players have no need to download any casino software.

With the growth in technology these online casinos are growing at a rapid speed and the best part about such casinos is that one is not required to travel and can enjoy oneself sitting in the privacy of self. The further new developments with the casinos is that they have started offering bonuses and these online casinos offer better payout percentages and cater to one’s need better than the land based casinos.

The growth and development of online casinos has not made land based casinos as their competitors rather online casinos have started competing among themselves. As a player while choosing among the online casinos be very careful and take care to gather all information about the casino that you are deciding to play with. Before playing make sure that the casino which you have choose doesn’t has any hidden charges or fees. Be a bit careful and choose the best casino with the legal permission to operate.

With time the online casinos have grown and in number as well as popularity. Daily thousands of people play online for fun, thrill and excitement and in hope to earn a fortune.