How to bet on Over/Under 2.5 Goals

In this video I will explain how can we take advantage of the information my team puts every week on my website about the matches of the main soccer leagues. Later I’ll do videos for each statistical aspect of the page. In this video I’ll focus on the +-2,5 goals market. This is a market that I particularly like, it’s one of my favorites markets for trading but manly for simple betting. Chelsea vs Wolves This is a risky but value bet.

Notice that Chelsea scores many goals at home, the average is clearly above 2,5 goals and that makes the Under 2,5 goals odd rise. However if we see it statistically, only half the games that Chelsea played at home ended with more than 2,5 goals. Now of course that the recently 6-0 stills fresh in memory and that’s why we have the high odd of 3.10 for the Under 2,5 goals market. If we add the fact that only half of the games that Wolves played away ended with +2,5 goals, it seems to me that the fair odd should be closer to 2.00 than to 3.00, above 2.00 and below 2.50. For that reason if they offer me 3.10 I’ll accept, this is a value bet to me, ok? Risky but valuable.

This a game with everything to have more than 2,5 goals: Getafe vs Sporting Gijon. Look, 67% of the Getafe home matches ended with +2,5 goals, 67% of the Gijon away matches ended with +2,5 goals. Manly because Getafe plays a nice football, offensive, and specially at the Coliseum it’s likely to have a lot of goals.

I would be happy if the odd was above 1.80 for the Over 2,5 goals. They offer me a 2.18 odd, I don’t think twice, it’s a very good odd. This is a good game to exemplify what we can do with the +-2,5 goals market with the information of my site. Look, statistics are saying that half of the Liverpool home matches ended with +2,5goals, simultaneously half of the Blackburn away matches ended also with more than 2,5 goals.

This information by itself should lead to a odd of 2.00, a fair odd corresponding to a 50% probability to have more or less than 2,5 goals. However I thing that if we add the fact that Liverpool, in my opinion will attack from the beginning because he wants to win the game to, imagine, get out of the relegation zone, the fair odd will be bellow 2.00 in my opinion. That’s why if they offer us more than 2, it’s at 2.14, we will buy. Stoke City vs Manchester United As you can see, statistically half of the Stoke City home games ended with more than 2,5 goals. On Man.

United case, 75% of the Man. United away games ended with more than 2,5 goals. Meaning that based on pure statistically analysis, the odd should be way below 2.00 for the +-2,5 goals market. They offer us 2.04, we should accept it, moreover because it’s Manchester United who’s playing. Let’s place bets To prove that I’m absolutely convinced of what I’m saying, I’ll place bets with my money on the different bookmakers. Ok, than 3.10 it’s a value… Norton is giving us a message, thank you Norton.

3.10 it’s a value… I take this opportunity to say that: when I’m working I disable the antivirus so that the internet speed can be the maximum possible. By now I should had enable it again but well, I’m just ending the video and I’ll turn it back on. 3.10 is the value available on Bet365 for betting Under 2,5 goals.

I accept. Therefore, to make this bet you only need to click on Bet365 button here on our website. Login. If you are not yet registered on Bet365, from our website you have access to the maximum welcome bonus, which is 100 euro, very tempting. So, football. On Bet365 we can come here at European Leagues Elite where we get easy access to the main games.

So we’re looking to this one, Chelsea vs Wolverhampton, and here it is the bet we’re looking for: Under 2,5 goals at 3.10. I accept. I don’t think that they will have that they will have plenty of money available for this odd.

How much can I bet… can I bet 3000 euro and win 6300 euro? No… they don’t have that much money available. What is the maximum bet then? 57 euro… Ok, it’s good. It’s better than nothing. I accept.

That’s it. It’s done our bet and if it happens what I predict, it’s 120 euro profit. About Getafe and Sporting, the time passed when we’re doing this video and the odd fell. At this time it’s no longer at 2.18, it’s at 2.11. The fact that the odd came down proves that the reasoning I made was right, the odd was effectively high.

And as a consequence there was a lot of people accepting this odd. And the bookmaker was forced to lower the odd value to avoid losing money. However as I said, to me in this game any odd above 1.80 is a value bet for Over 2,5 goals.

That’s why I’ll accept this 2.11 odd, because it still seems to me a value bet. Therefore what I have to do is to press the 188Bet button on my website and, if you are not registered yet you’ll get a welcome message, as I’m already registered I’ll press down here directly the 188Bet link to jump to the betting area. Then we chose here Spain, 1st division. Meanwhile login… Here we are. Chose the match Getafe vs Gijon.

Up here we have more bets and the bet we’re looking for. Here they are. Now go down.

Here on Over 2,5 goals. Here it is 2.11, we accept. We put the values: I’ll place 500 euro. Accept.

Bet now. It’s done. Ok. Well, we had found a value bet on Liverpool vs Blackburn: 2.14 on Canbet, right? So to accept it you can simply press Canbet button through our website and you will enter directly in Canbet. It’s only left to login and find our bet. We look for English league, 1st league and our game.

Here it is: Liverpool on Sunday. Here it is: Liverpool. The odd we’re looking for is Over 2,5 goals and we found it: 2.14.

I accept. Let’s place 500 euro. Ok. We will win 570 euro, seems good.

Accept. Ok, bet confirmed. Stoke City vs Manchester United We had found here a value bet, of 2.40 on Canbet. Therefore to accept the bet, just press the Canbet link from our website. Login. And chose our bet.

Ok, now we select England, 1st division of England. And then we came here at Sunday games, Manchester United vs Stoke. Here it is Over 2,5 goals at 2.04, the odd we were looking for.

500 euro right, the usual, it gives 520 euro profit, seems good to me. Ok, I accept. It’s done.

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