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People in third world countries provide third-party services for these paid platforms. Take the mainland pps network TV as an example, you can see all kinds of advertisements when you enter foreign traffic platforms. For example, there are advertisements in front of the video on the face. We can take out this advertisement link.

Whether it is a student or an office worker, the time in the morning is extremely limited, so it often takes a short time to buy some food in the morning. We can set up a breakfast stand on their way to school or work, which is undoubtedly very popular. Moreover, the breakfast stalls can be moved. Generally speaking, students’ school hours are around six o’clock, while office workers’ time is around eight o’clock, so they can be sold at the school’s entrance before moving the breakfast cart to the office building. In addition, compared to breakfast shops, breakfast stalls do not require tables and chairs, and the investment cost is lower.

What exactly does Juxiangyou make money from? In fact, it is mainly a platform for making money by playing games, that is to say, everyone only needs to play games on this platform. In addition, there are many kinds of games, they are very simple, that is, you can choose any game you like or good at playing, anyway, as long as you can make money. In addition, Juxiangyou is still a free money-making platform. Everyone here can make money without spending a penny, which is really good. In addition, as long as you do well, your monthly income will exceed this amount, or even more, let alone thousands of dollars a month, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

And Xianyu platform has a large number of individual sellers transferring products every day, which is simply a natural traffic pool. What we need to do is to privately message him one by one and guide him to add WeChat. Of course, this involves speech skills, and the conversion rate of different speech skills is naturally different.

5. Picture processing. Formal companies will be equipped with independent design artists, but informal companies or independent self-media people must do it themselves. Therefore, drawing ability is also a basic skill.

After so many years of development, search engines have come and gone, and there have been all kinds of different terms such as Luluo algorithm, blue sky algorithm, beacon plan, etc., in fact, they are inextricably changeable, and everything can be reduced to four. Word: user experience.

In short, there are many scams about internships in various places. Although everyone is panicked when looking for internships, they must calmly respond and take anti-fraud measures. Don't let these bad scammers take advantage of the loopholes!

Google applied for multiple gesture operation patents: the future mobile phone will not have a touch screen (picture from baidu)

Kai-Fu Lee: We are optimistic about the next three years. Although we will see many scarred companies, VCs and entrepreneurs in the future, a better entrepreneurial era has begun. Artificial intelligence has become the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity. First of all, more and more places have entrepreneurial data. The second reason is that the cost of computing is reduced. The third reason is that machine learning algorithms are becoming more and more successful, especially deep learning. "

Generally speaking, the way to make money for free is either that you have a certain ability or that you have a lot of contacts. Like in the current information age, as long as you have more contacts or more friends or fans, you can make money (such as Live broadcast), and it is entirely possible to make more than 10,000 a month!