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This is a question of the form of the website. My main sub-station forum, last year’s station, last year’s station, network marketing promotion practice book, the first year’s station, and all the forums of this year’s station I took this form, simple and yet not simple.

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The last one is the product problem. To be honest, some products are really not suitable for micro-business, use micro-business channels, but unfortunately there is no way. In order to make money, some people must build momentum and promote how good and amazing their products are. Even more exaggerated propaganda. After the subordinate agents get the goods, they will not know the truth until they can’t sell it. It’s too late. Just like my last article wrote, sharing videos makes money. The product and your friends are not the audience. No matter how amazing the product is, people don’t want to buy it!

Top ten provinces with per capita disposable income in the first quarter of 2017. China News Network reporter Li Jinlei mapping data source: National Bureau of Statistics

Maybe everyone is very concerned about a topic, so many occupations, can you come here busy? Yes, I am actually very busy every day, and I am in a very busy state every day, so I rarely get in this group , To communicate and learn from everyone.