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There are many ways to make money in the Internet industry, but for ordinary people, some big trends and outlets are often not related to us. More of us are small and medium entrepreneurs, but there are small opportunities. Many of them are basically subdivisions.

Coincidentally, recently, a lot of emotional content has appeared on certain platforms such as Red Book and Certain Music. Many younger brothers and sisters with outstanding or ordinary looks have begun to teach you to fall in love, such as: "How to chase boys/girls?" "How can I tell if a boy is a scumbag?" "How can I let the ambiguous person take the initiative to confess to you" and so on.

As a'Taoke', we do not shop directly online. We guide interested netizens to buy things in the target online store through self-built websites, blogs, or posts on forums, so that once the transaction is successful, Taoke" can get a certain percentage of commissions from sellers." Tao Ke Network Merchants Alliance Luo Jun told reporters that this job depends on his own credit and certain skills, and his income is relatively fixed. Get a salary of nearly 4,000 yuan a month. When I founded the site, I Fafa Entrepreneurship Business Opportunity Network (), I relied on Taoke to earn 2,000 yuan in three days for a period of time. Although that money is not a big deal to most people, it is also an encouragement to me. It also shows that the feasibility of online earning is great.

The definition of a valid friend here refers to a friend who has watched at least 3 news articles every day for 3 days. I believe this is not difficult. We are very satisfied if we don't want to earn 36,000, but earn a few hundred. "

"Is the current popular part-time job platform on the Internet real? How can people believe that part-time job online is not a liar, but can really make money? This does not give you a definite answer, because there are indeed many part-time jobs to make money, and the popularity of the Internet is rapid , So many moms, college students, and friends who have a lot of free time want to find a part-time job online to subsidize the family! Is it true that online part-time job making money is so popular?

There are actually many such examples in online earning projects. For example, in pan-traffic, if the conversion level is equivalent, as long as it is not selling special products, the conversion rate of pan-traffic is equivalent.

Choosing high-value posts for replying can make you do more with less when doing external links, because high-value posts are collected faster, and the ranking effect is better and relatively stable. If you reply to such a post, it means you have made a high-quality external link.