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"Let’s first talk about what kind of stuff the WeChat public platform is like? You have created a WeChat public account platform, and how do you use your WeChat public account to search for WeChat public account marketing? How can companies or individuals do well in WeChat public accounts? Content marketing is not easy, so how to use WeChat official account for marketing work?

Having said that, some people may ask what is the new Taobao guest? What is the difference with traditional Taobao guest? The difference is really big. Let me share my experience as a Taobao customer. Although the number of words in the article is a bit too much, the sentence is a talk of experience. Sharing the network to make money 2016, I hope you can get some inspiration from it.

Self-media is also called self-marketing media. It used to be a blog, but now it is represented by self-media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat public account, Toutiao account, Baijia account, UC account, etc. It is an ordinary person who can also write and publish articles on it. Successful cases of golden ideas. And a way to gain influence, fans and income. Since the media was first born, it was just a relatively new communication tool. At first, they only invested in it with the original intention of interest and entertainment, and issued corresponding insights on their areas of expertise, fully interacted with the public, and shared their knowledge and opinions. , And there are not too many profitable ideas.

Most of this kind of money comes from foreign websites. For this kind of gameplay, you must first choose a few reputable websites and click on the ads every day. Secondly, you need to develop more offline to make money, otherwise you can earn electricity bills in a month. It's not bad to come. Hard work is a basic online part-time job.

It is worth noting that because Yakeshu also involves import and export business, the average gross profit of the import business is only 15%, so the overall gross profit is low. The gross profit margins of the remaining 8 companies are between 50%-60%.