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Yunji is a social e-commerce model based on WeChat business, because founder and CEO Xiao Shanglue, like his WeChat business group, has a relatively grass-roots growth experience. If Pinduoduo attracts users at a cheap price, Yunji relies on word-of-mouth among members and first-level publicity, which is a kind of MLM model. This is where Yunji has been criticized by the outside world. However, Yunji has accumulated a certain amount of members through the initial social interaction, so it is slowly transforming.

For a store to develop in the long-term, it needs to have its own business characteristics. Although a personal store is a store opened according to one's own preferences, it must have store characteristics to develop. When naming a store, you can name the store according to the characteristics of the store, so that the name is very personal and can also increase the attractiveness of the store.

5. Clearly understand the customer's "motivation" for buying. In complex sales, no two customers will buy the same thing because of the same motivation. For the same brick, A looks at its design, B looks at its price, and C looks at its slip resistance. Knowing these motives clearly can be found in the small details of customers. For example, customers who are dazzlingly dressed and older customers value the brand because it is easy to worry about after-sales. It is also like a young couple who chooses together, which is generally more style and cost-effective... these Self-evident "motivation" can be found carefully, and sometimes some embarrassment in the sales process is avoided.

There is an old carpenter who has worked diligently under the hands of a boss for decades. One day he felt that he was powerless. The hand holding the hammer was no longer as strong as before, and the hand holding the nail was always shaking. , So the old carpenter knew that he was too old. He was about to retire. He told his boss that he would leave the construction industry and go home to enjoy family happiness with his wife and children."

Abuse of the original function will also violate the rules. First, 300 words can be used to declare originality, but repeated words are not allowed, and then the font color is hidden by choosing white. There is also information integration that cannot apply for originality. What is information integration, for example, if you organize all your text and send it out, you also declare originality. As shown in the figure below, this is information integration and cannot be declared original.

And because summer is here, girls wear cooler clothes, so earrings and necklaces have become indispensable accessories, so if you see beautiful and beautiful ones, I believe girls will not let it go!

Fraudulent use of other people’s identities and social software such as QQ account and WeChat account for game fraud

Profit is too narrow if you just understand it as "making money". In fact, profit is our goal and goal. What is the ultimate goal of our official account? When you achieve this goal, it is profit. . Of course, the ultimate goal of most people is to make money through this official account, but some people just want to promote and publicize the brand through the public platform, or increase their popularity, or just a hobby, these are called profit , As long as your purpose of establishing this account is achieved, it is profitable!!

"I spend some free time at home, I will find some part-time jobs online to make a little money to buy some clothes, which is actually good. Are there any jobs that can really make money at home? Is there a money-making network that can be done at home? Project? Stable, Internet millionaires, what part-time jobs can be done at home? How to make money online? What are the real part-time jobs at home? What are the part-time jobs that can really make money at home during summer vacation?