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In addition to gold coins, there is also a very useful token in the game, which is the Treasure Card~ When you consume the Treasure Card, you can draw a big bag of gold coins in the lucky bag! Of course, if you become a noble buddy, you will naturally have more exclusive privileges for nobles~Have a chance to open a treasure chest to win a treasure card~"

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Most of the earning friends or webmasters who have followed me for a long time, you must know that I love fishing, because I can fish 24 hours a day when I am crazy, but for most people, fishing online is a waste of time. Sometimes it even delays making money. But in fact they don't understand, it feels like saving money for me, because when I don't go fishing, I can't help but play quiz. You see, I didn’t go fishing yesterday. I lost almost 500 yuan without knowing it. Even worse, I lost another 300 to 400 yuan today. Think about it if I go fishing, then I don’t have time to play quiz. My fishing fee is no more than 100 yuan. And if I can catch more, I will sell the fish to the pit owner, at least this way I can make more or less money. Just because I fished last time, I caught almost a hundred catties, and then I sold it to the pit owner for five yuan a catty. I calculated that the total income was almost four to five hundred yuan, and after deducting more than one hundred yuan, the net profit was also three hundred yuan.

Since the management and money were all taken care of by another person, he didn't understand this. Later, the barbecue shop closed because it could not continue to operate. But in the final settlement, many accounts were wrong. And the other person said it was right. As a result, both of them would lose a lot of money, but later he discovered that it was actually another person who did some tricks, which is equivalent to a large part of the shortfall of this barbecue restaurant. I took it, and the other person didn't lose money because of his hands and feet.

I am still a newcomer to English online earning, and I hope everyone can communicate more together. I feel that a lot of things can only be known by trying it out. I also hope that everyone can go further on the online earning road. The original text comes from the Pinxue paper, please indicate if you reprint it. "

From the above discussion, from the actual situation of the development of online earning, I think that the core idea of ​​online earning at this stage can be further simply explained as: through rational use of Internet resources (such as online earning tools and methods), realizing online earning information The effective transmission of the Internet lays a foundation for creating a business environment conducive to the development of online earning forums. Of course, with the improvement of the level of research and application of Wangzhuan, the core idea of ​​Wangzhuan will also evolve. This is the main reason why the Assassin Wangzhuan Forum focuses on researching Wangzhuan management and deep Wangzhuan. "