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After conthow to make money with clicksure without a websiteacting Wangzhuan for a while, some novice friends may find such a problem. Most online earning platforms support such as Alipay withdrawal, WeChat withdrawal or bank card withdrawal, while a small number of platforms can only be exchanged. Prizes, such as JD Card, Dangdang Card, Q Coin Card or Call Charge Card, sometimes we don’t use it at all, so how can we exchange them for cash?"

For example, if we install QQ, WeChat, Weibo and other mobile apps, we just say that no one pays for installing these software. However, there are some software that can make money by installing APP, and you can also find it in some application markets to make money. For example, Mizhuan and Qianjia are all recommended by Li Changtao Wangzhuan blog.

Future trend: The Internet itself is a rapidly changing industry. The popularity of different sub-sectors is often related to the degree of monopoly, development speed, and number of companies in the industry. Currently, Internet finance, e-commerce, video, search, etc. are more popular. From the perspective of the professional skills of technical personnel, in addition to outdated technologies such as C#, and other outdated technologies, skills in other directions, including PHP, java, PM, especially Android, IOS language platform development, often have more choices in the industry . For example, big data development, cloud computing, search, mobile Internet and other popular fields have a large number of high-paying jobs.

If you have skills in web design, programming, or advertising copywriting, you can make money by providing services online. Traditional freelance work includes: transcription, proofreading, and translation. If you like writing but don’t have your own blog, sign up for sites that pay you to write articles. You can also exchange money with words. There is another option here: Become a professional writer or contributor, write articles for other blogs, and charge a fee.

This method of making money is a bit unreasonable, but it does make money. Although it uses improper means, it also makes money from improper people. So I don’t think there is anything to be sorry for my conscience. I went to Taobao and spent a few hundred dollars to buy a 6k grab. Red envelope king software, then go to WeChat gambling groups of all sizes, and then quickly grab red envelopes through the software and set the switch to grab the big ones and not grab the small ones. Basically, you won’t lose money. In addition, if you don’t bet, hang up a software Grabbing red envelopes is a good income all day long. Note: I haven't tested this method, but the software on Taobao sells very well. In 2017, there will be more and more red envelope gambling groups, which is bigger than baccarat. "

The above is the introdhow to make money with clicksure without a websiteuction about the Taobao 618 event, as a summary year-end promotion, and everyone's consumption has been restricted due to the epidemic. This time the Taobao 618 event must be an event that everyone has been waiting for for a long time. Friends who want to chop their hands, are the wallets ready!

If you haven't worked deeply in an industry, just rely on the self-styled founder of xx, the first person to bluff, in the eyes of everyone, you are just a clown, deceiving yourself. There is no real experience, no matter how much it is said, it is all false, it is all false. It's okay to fool a layman, and an experienced colleague can break you in a word.